Pioneering Discoveries in Placental Disorders Research

Researchers at the New England Center for Placental DisordersOur current focus is on understanding the biology that leads to placental disorders so that we can ensure healthy outcomes for parent and baby. To achieve this, we have gathered an expert team of molecular biologists, placental biologists, pathologists, proteomics specialists and vascular biologists. We have the first national biospecimen repository for patients with placenta accreta spectrum, a resource which has already provided opportunity for numerous investigations and discovery.

At your first visit to our Center, you will be given an opportunity to participate in our exciting research, which will hopefully improve outcomes for patients and families the years to come. Participation is 100% voluntary.

Finally, we are an active participant in the Pan American Society of Placenta Accreta Spectrum, a group of medical centers across the country collaborating to better understand and improve treatment options for patients with placenta accreta spectrum.