Autoimmune Skin Diseases Clinic

Multidisciplinary Treatment of Complex Skin Conditions and Autoimmune Diseases

The Division of Rheumatology, in partnership with our colleagues in the Department of Dermatology, are pioneering leaders in innovative autoimmune skin disease patient care and research. We’re proud to provide thorough knowledge and expertise for the advanced treatment of various autoimmune skin diseases to patients throughout the Greater Boston area.

For patients with complex skin conditions and autoimmune diseases, we offer specialized, disease-specific care. Our extensive research initiatives have enabled us to provide treatments based on the latest advancements in the field as well as access to ongoing clinical trials. Our specialists provide comprehensive care incorporating the most advanced treatment for patients with secondary systemic rheumatic and skin diseases, including but not limited to lupus, psoriasis, and psoriatic arthritis.

Autoimmune Skin Diseases Center

The Autoimmune Skin Diseases Center (ASDC) is Rheumatology and Dermatology's premier effort in the treatment of complex skin conditions and autoimmune diseases. Our multidisciplinary approach emphasizes advanced treatment for patients with secondary systemic rheumatic and skin diseases as well as education and social support.

Our Services

Our specialists provide innovative and comprehensive care for patients with lupus, dermatomyositis, systemic sclerosis (scleroderma), morphea, vasculitis, and other autoimmune disorders including:

  • Systemic therapeutics including biologic agents and novel therapies
  • Advanced diagnostic services
  • Clinical trials focusing on lupus and connective tissue diseases
  • On-site specialized nursing care and teaching

To make an appointment, please contact us by phone at 617-632-8658 or send us an email.

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Meet Our Team

Fatima Alduraibi MD

Fatima Alduraibi, MD, PhD


Peter C. Chien Jr., MD