We want to ensure that all of our newborns receive excellent and timely care.

Sleeping Newborn Baby at BIDMCSince some parents may have chosen a pediatrician who does not routinely provide newborn care at our hospital, and still others may not have been able to select a pediatric provider before their baby is born, we offer the services of the Cochran Newborn Service during your baby's hospital stay.

Hospital Care

Our physicians are pediatricians who specialize in newborn care and are available to provide care for your newborn during his/her stay in the hospital nursery. Within 24 hours of birth one of our physicians will examine your baby. Each day of the hospital stay, we will stop by to see how you and your baby are doing and answer any questions you may have. We also will ensure that routine newborn screening is performed, including hearing tests, and that your baby receives his/her first immunization (the hepatitis B vaccine) before leaving the hospital. If your baby needs any further care or testing, we will oversee this as well.

When your Newborn Needs Special Care

Neonatology provides medical oversight for all infants born at BIDMC, and cares for high-risk newborns in the neonatal intensive and intermediate care units.

Transferring Care

When you and your baby are discharged from the hospital, the Cochran Newborn Service physicians will provide you and/or your pediatrician with a summary of your baby's hospital stay. If there are any unusual circumstances or concerns regarding your baby, we will contact your pediatrician directly to discuss them.

Choosing a Pediatrician

When picking a pediatrician there are a number of things you need to think about.

What kind of practice?
  • Solo practitioner
  • Partnership
  • Group practice
  • Practice that has a pediatric nurse practitioner
Is this the right doctor for you?
  • Hospital Affiliations – Where the pediatrician admits patients to.
  • Credentials – Board-certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics?
  • Office location – Is the office someplace easily accessible to you?
  • Office hours – Are the hours convenient for your schedule?
  • Atmosphere – Is the staff responsive to their patients?
  • Decor – Look for an area that will make waiting more comfortable for you and your baby. Are sick children separated from those that are seen for well visits?
  • Waiting Time – Find out from the receptionist how long the wait times are for patients and reconcile this with your schedule.
  • Protocol for taking phone queries – How does your doctor handle phone calls? For example, some may have a call-in time during which they answer questions.
  • How are emergencies handled? – Exactly how does the doctor handles emergencies? Some have you go straight to the emergency room, others instruct you to come to their office.
  • Financial Matters – Different offices offer different forms for payment. Some may bill you and some may expect payment at the time of the visit. If you have insurance, check to see whether or not this physician accepts your plan.
  • Style – You need to find a provider who fits your style. Do you want someone who is easygoing and laid back or one who is very formal? One who welcomes your input or one who takes charge?
  • Philosophy – You should find a provider who agrees with you on the major issues such as breastfeeding, preventative medicine, circumcision and feeding schedules

Once you settle on a doctor you should call, many physicians offer a courtesy prenatal interview. Some insurance also cover a prenatal visit to the pediatrician. You need to call your insurance provider to see what the protocol is. While we don't endorse any one practice, here is a list of some providers in the community that may be helpful: Pediatrician List (PDF).