Caring for You & Your Baby

Sleeping Newborn Baby at BIDMCAfter your baby is born, you will be moved to a postpartum room where you will stay until you leave the hospital. There, you will find a flexible and relaxed environment where you can recuperate, get to know your baby, and receive personalized care. Most patients stay in the hospital two nights after a vaginal birth and four nights after a cesarean. We encourage you to keep your baby in your room as much as possible while you are in the hospital. We call this "rooming-in."

Postpartum Nursing Care

After your delivery, you will be transferred to a private room on the postpartum floor. Here, you will receive care by your primary nurse, who will support you and your partner as you learn to care for your baby. Our obstetrical nurses have a long tradition of combining professional excellence with personalized care. From preconception to post delivery, our nursing staff provides seamless care and support programs to meet a range of maternity care needs. All of our nurses have completed special training as breastfeeding educators.

With patients and their well being at the heart of everything that they do, our nurses strive to ensure that each patient at the Beth Israel Deaconess receives personalized and compassionate care of the highest quality. Long considered leaders in the development of professional standards in nursing practice, our nursing staff continues to work to define and protect quality patient care in the face of our changing health care.

Breastfeeding Support Group

Breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural way to feed your baby, but it can take some practice and support.

We are happy to announce that our postpartum breastfeeding support group is meeting virtually on ZOOM. The group will meet weekly on Wednesdays from 12:00 - 1:30 pm. The group is free, but registration is required for each weekly session. Register for our new online breastfeeding group here.

We are also available at 617-667-5765 for any questions as well as assistance with finding community support.

Need help keeping track of when your baby feeds, how much and how many dirty diapers? Download and print our 24-hour breastfeeding log.

"Rooming In" with Your Baby at BIDMC

BIDMC's Postpartum Unit has moved to a rooming-in practice, allowing a newborn baby to stay in the room with their mother.