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Conditions of the lymphatic system require a comprehensive approach led by a team of specially trained clinicians. Our multidisciplinary team includes physical therapists, cardiologists, plastic surgeons, vascular surgeons, general surgeons, surgical oncologists, interventional radiologists, and nuclear medicine and body imaging professionals. We work together with you to determine your best course of treatment and follow-up care.

Staying at the forefront of treatment and research is important to us because it means we’re providing the best care for our patients. We were named a Comprehensive Center of Excellence in 2020 by LE&RN, an internationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to fighting lymphatic diseases and lymphedema, for our outstanding clinical care and research. Additionally, our annual symposium hosts programs for patients and clinicians and draws lymphatic specialists from around the world.

The Boston Lymphatic Center offers the following programs and services to help patients prevent and manage lymphedema.

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Patient Resources

The Boston Lymphatic Center provides a wealth of education, support, and resources to our patients. Watch our videos on frequently asked questions about lymphatic care and treatment on our YouTube playlist.

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