Comprehensive Diagnosis of Vascular Conditions

Our division's accredited Vascular Laboratory provides patients with a full range of non-invasive diagnostic services for all vascular conditions.

Diagnostic Procedures

All studies are performed by trained and credentialed vascular technologists and all studies are reviewed and interpreted by members of the Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery.

Most studies are performed on an elective basis in our outpatient clinic in the Lowry Medical Office Building, on BIDMC's West Campus.

IAC Accreditation

We are proud to be accredited by the Intersocietal Commission for Accreditation (IAC). The accreditation means:

  • The lab has demonstrated its attention to a high level of patient care and quality testing.
  • The laboratory meets or exceeds ICAVL standards for noninvasive vascular testing for peripheral arterial, peripheral venous, extracranial cerebrovascular and visceral vascular conditions.
  • Every aspect of the laboratory's daily operations and its impact on the quality of health care provided to patients has been assessed and reviewed.