Benign Hematologists and Related Specialists 

Benign Hematology

Reed E. Drews, MD

Chief, Benign Hematology; Hematology; Medical Oncology

Dr. Freed

Jason Freed, MD

Deputy Chief, Benign Hematology; Hematology; Internal Medicine

William C. Aird, MD

William C. Aird, MD


Kenneth Bauer, MD

Hematology, Director of the Anticoagulation Management Service; Division of Hemostasis and Thrombosis

Jonathan Berry

Jonathan Berry, MD


Brian Carney, MD

Brian J. Carney, MD

Director, Apheresis Services; Hematology; Medical Oncology

Robert Flaumenhaft, MD


Rushad Patell, MD

Rushad Patell, MD

Director, Benign Hematology Research; Hematology; Medical Oncology

Sol Schulman, MD

Sol Schulman, MD



German Pihan, MD

German A. Pihan, MD

Director of Hematopathology; Director of Hematopathology Fellowship

Dr. Willim

Robert D. Willim, MD

Pathology - Hematology

Transfusion Medicine

Lynne Uhl, MD

Lynne Uhl, MD

Vice Chair, Division of Laboratory and Transfusion Medicine

Richard Haspel, MD

Richard Haspel, MD, PhD

Vice Chair, Education; Medical Director of Stem Cell Laboratory

Kerry O'Brien, MD

Kerry L. O'Brien, MD

Medical Director of Blood Bank; Director of Transfusion Medicine Fellowship