Our patients’ comfort and providing state-of-the-art imaging care are our top priorities.

Dr. Warren Manning reads echocardiogram results on a computer

The noninvasive cardiac imaging and testing specialists in the CVI provide a range of cardiovascular imaging services for individuals with suspected or existing heart and vascular conditions.

High-Volume Imaging Center

Cardiovascular imaging is an integral part of diagnosing a variety of cardiovascular conditions, and is often used to monitor the effectiveness of treatment. Each year, BIDMC specialists perform more than 70,000 electrocardiograms, 15,000 echocardiograms, 5,000 stress tests, 800 cardiac magnetic resonance imaging studies and 1,800 radionuclide studies.

Our specialists work closely with other cardiovascular medicine colleagues, primary care physicians, radiologists and anesthesiologists. This collaboration among multiple medical disciplines keeps the lines of communication open and enhances quality of care for patients and families.