Our Thyroid and Parathyroid Experts


Alina N. Gavrila, MD, MMSc

Pamela Hartzband, MD

James V. Hennessey, MD

Johanna A. Pallotta, MD

Endocrine Surgery

Scharukh M. Jalisi, MD, MA, FACS

Chief, Otolaryngology (ENT)/Head and Neck Surgery

Benjamin C. James, MD, MS

Benjamin C. James, MD, MS

Section Chief, Endocrine Surgery

Peter M. Mowschenson, MD

General Surgery


Colin R. McArdle, MD


Barry Sacks, MD

Section Chief, Interventional Radiology, and Associate Professor, Radiology, Harvard Medical School 

Nuclear Medicine

J. Anthony Parker, MD, PhD


Cytology and Pathology

James L. Connolly, MD

Breast and Endocrine Pathology

Imad Ahmad Nasser, MD

Director, Hepatobiliary Pathology

Helen H. Wang, MD