About Emergency Medicine

As a Level 1 Trauma Center, the department routinely cares for those with severe injuries, transferred from other hospitals or accident scenes by ambulance or helicopter to a rooftop helipad. An on-site, integrated radiology suite and around-the-clock laboratory services are available to assist with every emergency need. Staff members are national leaders in the design and study of best practices in emergency medicine in areas such as toxicology, public policy, disaster planning, residency training, pre-hospital care and international emergency medicine.

Advanced Technology

Emergency medicineEverything about the facility has been designed to help clinicians provide the most sophisticated and rapid emergency and trauma care available in a setting that provides privacy and comfort for patients.

Clinicians utilize iPads for patient registration. An innovative ED Dashboard tracks all patient care, allowing primary care physicians to view and weigh in on the status of their patients. The department also offers the latest technological advances in radiology, including dedicated CT scanning.

Lifesaving Initiatives

The department offers groundbreaking therapy for treating acute heart attack and stroke 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. In 1995, BIDMC became the first hospital in the area to embrace primary angioplasty, a technique to rapidly clear a blocked artery, which is rapidly becoming the consensus treatment protocol in the cardiology community. Our stroke program uses state-of-the-art MRI diagnosis to most safely select those patients who should undergo thrombolytic therapy, a drug that can open up closed arteries to the brain to reverse the injury and protect the brain. These leading-edge therapies offer patients new hope for promising outcomes, and improved long-term prognoses.

A Team Approach

A team approachA team of professionals, including board-certified emergency physicians and nurses certified in trauma care, work hand-in-hand to improve the health of patients. The emergency department depends on the skills, expertise and collaboration of countless physicians, providers, employees and administrators.

Research and Teaching

BIDMC’s emergency department houses the only basic science emergency lab in the city. This "bench-to-bedside" research philosophy has improved the care and treatments offered to patients. Through an emergency medicine residency program, the department supports training initiatives to enhance patient care and educate future healthcare providers. Physician leaders also consult with health care providers nationally and internationally to create quality, efficient, emergency care systems and emergency medicine educational programs that improve patient care.