Peripheral Nerve Injury & Restoration

BIDMC Center for Peripheral Nerve Injury & Restoration

Providing extraordinary, multidisciplinary care to patients with conditions affecting the peripheral nervous system, where the patient comes first, supported by world-class peripheral nerve education and research.

Patients being treated at the Center for Peripheral Nerve Disorders will benefit from a multidisciplinary and streamlined approach. Our team uses a collaborative approach that encompasses specialists from neurology, plastic surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, radiology, pathology, anesthesia and pain medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and physical and occupational therapy.

As a team, we treat a wide spectrum of peripheral nerve conditions, including nerve entrapments, brachial plexus injuries, nerve tumors, traumatic nerve injuries, painful neuromas, migraines, failed nerve procedures and many more. The management of these conditions ranges from non-surgical treatment to surgical intervention. Conservative treatments include modalities such as physical and occupational therapy, ultrasound-guided injections and nerve hydrodissection, psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy and the use of spinal cord stimulators, among many others.

The surgical interventions we offer include (but are not limited to) nerve repair, release or nerve reconstruction, vascularized nerve grafting, nerve transfer, tendon transfer and free functional muscle transfer. As part of our surgical options, we routinely perform TMR (Targeted Muscle Reinnervation) and RPNI (Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interface) for the management of neuroma-related pain. This includes phantom pain in the area of an upper- or lower-extremity amputation.