You've made the decision. 

The planning has begun. It's time to start or grow your family. We're here to help.

A BIDMC OBGYN meets with a female patient.You may have questions or are ready to establish a relationship with one of our obstetrician/gynecologists. We provide services ranging from general obstetrics to high-risk obstetrics and a full service prenatal genetics that is available for preconception consultation to provide you with important information before you become pregnant.

Even in the very early stages of pregnancy, a great deal of embryonic development has already occurred. The baby's organs are beginning to form by the time you find out that you are pregnant.

If you have any medical concerns or conditions, a pre-pregnancy checkup may be a good idea. We can help you assess and minimize risks associated with pregnancy and any existing medical conditions that could affect and/or be affected by pregnancy.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment to meet with your obstetric care provider if you have any questions about conceiving or maintaining a healthy pregnancy.