Understanding Guided Prostate Needle Biopsies

Ultrasound-Guided Prostate Needle Biopsy

Directions for Ultrasound-Guided Needle Biopsy of the Prostate:

  • Start antibiotics as prescribed (one day prior to biopsy).
  • You may eat a light breakfast/lunch before the biopsy.
  • No aspirin, Advil or any drugs containing Ibuprofen for 10 days prior to the biopsy. Tylenol is okay.
MRI-Guided Prostate Needle Biopsy

You have had an MRI of your prostate that has helped to identify areas of your prostate that do not look healthy. Your urologist would like to examine these areas further to check for the presence of cancer by performing a biopsy or collecting small samples of tissue.

For an MRI-Guided Fusion Biopsy, your MRI image and an ultrasound image of your prostate will be fused into one image with a special software that makes it easier to target the appearingly unhealthy areas for biopsy.

Instructions following Needle Biopsy of the Prostate
  • Following the biopsy, there is a small chance that you will experience a blood-tinged discharge from the tip of your penis. You may, therefore, find it convenient to bring some type of "protection," for example, an athletic supporter, an "incontinence" pad, or a women's menstrual pad to put in your underwear.
  • No aspirin for one week following the biopsy.
  • No strenuous physical exercise for one week following the biopsy.
  • You may have blood in the ejaculate for up to 6-weeks.
  • Avoid heavy lifting or straining for one month.
  • You may have small amounts of blood in the urine or stool for 1 to 4 days. If it persists longer please call your M.D.
  • Call our office if you develop a temperature over 101°.
  • Finish your antibiotics as prescribed.
  • Call your doctor's office in one week for the results of your biopsy, if you have not been contacted already.