Cardiac Care for People Living with HIV

Helping patients with HIV protect their heart health.

People living with HIV are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Even when treated, HIV increases the possibility of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Over time, people living with HIV are at risk of having a heart attack and stroke. Managing heart health while taking antiviral therapy can have unique challenges.

The HIV and Cardiovascular Disease Clinic provides patients with comprehensive services for the prevention of heart disease as well as treatment of existing cardiovascular illnesses, including coronary artery disease, stroke and heart failure. Cardiologist Katherine Kentoffio, MD, and the clinic staff work closely with patients to reduce risk. They also collaborate with each person’s care team — including primary care providers, infectious disease specialists and specialty pharmacists — tailoring treatments and medications to improve outcomes.


The HIV and Cardiovascular Disease Clinic provides services at two locations:

Contact Us

Patients: Call 617-667-8800 to schedule an appointment.
Physicians: Select “HIV-Cardiovascular Disease Clinic” in the BIDMC online medical record (OMR) to refer a patient, or email us.