Our Genetics Research

The Division of Genetics aims to develop novel cancer treatment options through cutting-edge genetic research. We are building upon recent advances in our understanding of how our genes are organized in chromosomes, how their expression is regulated, and how alterations in both control of expression and sequence contribute to disease development.

Using this knowledge, our team of world-class investigators is developing new models that faithfully mimic human diseases. These models are then used to understand how defined genetic alterations impact on disease initiation and progression, while at the same time they present themselves as an ideal pre-clinical resource for the evaluation and development of therapies to eradicate these diseases.

We are currently focused on cancer, using leukemia and prostate cancer models, among others, to deliver results that can be readily translated to the clinical setting.

If you are a patient interested in genetic counseling or treatment, please contact the BIDMC Cancer Center.

BIDMC Cancer Center