About the Alper Research Lab

Seth Alper, MD, PhDSeth Alper, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

The Alper lab investigates the molecular pathophysiology, disease genetics, and physiology of plasma membrane ion transporters and channels in renal, gastrointestinal, and other epithelial cells and in red blood cells. The lab’s ongoing functional and genetic studies involve transporters of the SLC4, SLC26, and SLC12 gene families, and ion channels KCNN4, polycystins, ABCB6, and CFTR. A second area of interest is the ion transport pathophysiology of chronic renal disease, including ADPKD, APOL1 kidney disease (with Martin Pollak and David Friedman), MUC1/ADTKD kidney disease, and peritoneal fibrosis associated with peritoneal dialysis.

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