The Division of Translational Research has led multiple educational initiatives. This has included educational programs revolving around clinical research training, compliance, and research infrastructure related to study design, biostatistics/bioinformatics, ethics, and scientific approaches. Dr. Freedman has had a longterm leadership role in the Clinical Investigator Training Program at Harvard which trains postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty in clinical research methodology. 

With regard to Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Dr. Gautam is a senior tutor in Harvard Medical School's month long Clinical Epidemiological course for first year medical students. Dr. Gautam is also engaged in teaching/training of medical students, residents, fellows, and new investigators in the area of research design and other critical biostatistical aspects of research. 

Lastly, all members of the Division of Translational Research play key roles in providing research and clinical mentorship through Harvard Catalyst programs. Dr. Camilia Martin was an inaugural recipient of a faculty fellowship through the Program for Faculty Diversity and Development sponsored by the Harvard Catalyst/The Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership and she with Dr. Freedman have remained active in providing mentorship for minority students accepted to the Summer Clinical and Translational Research Program and Visiting Research Internship Program.