Research activities can be divided into three arenas and represent a broad range of science/healthcare delivery. The first focuses on providing the infrastructure and tools necessary for clinical/translational investigation. This includes biostatistical support and study design assistance to investigators (Shiva Gautam PhD) and IRB support (Anna Johansson, PhD). The second area focuses on providing strategic vision and initiatives through Dr. Freedman's leadership role both at a local BIDMC level and Harvard-wide. The third area advances healthcare delivery through approaches that structure the physician-patient interaction (Passport to TRUST). 

Camilia R. Martin, MD, MS, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, is the Director of Cross-Disciplinary Partnerships, and focuses on initiatives to bring together investigators across different disciplines to optimize research from bench to bedside to patient care. She has developed models that bring together academia and industry that accelerate proof of concept studies and lead to rapid testing of promising therapeutic strategies. 

Shiva Gautam, PhD, is the Associate Director of the Harvard CTSC Biostatistics Program at BIDMC which focuses on enhancing biostatical support at BIDMC in coordination with the Harvard wide CTSC (Harvard Catalyst) biostatistics program. The Harvard Catalyst provides support for grant preparation, IRB submission, protocol review, study design, data analysis and assistance with manuscript preparation.

Anna Johansson, PhD, brings the social sciences to translational research at BIDMC. A sociologist, she brings her expertise in social psychology, complex organizations and social science research methods to bear on a range of programs in the areas of medical education, simulation training, and team-based clinical quality improvement. Dr. Johansson is a Vice-Chair of the IRB and works with both the Shapiro Institute for Education and Research and Critical Care Quality in the Department of Medicine to advance research in the areas of medical team decision making and performance.