BIDMC Institute for Lung Health


Mary Rice Research Team
Above: The BIDMC Institute for Lung Health's Research Team 
Welcome to the BIDMC Institute for Lung Health

The BIDMC Institute for Lung Health is a multi-disciplinary research and education program dedicated to the prevention of respiratory disease. The core mission of the Institute is to identify preventable causes of chronic lung disease, and to translate research findings into patient care and health policies that improve lung health. 
A long-term goal of the Institute is to integrate research across other medical disciplines at BIDMC to improve the care of patients with lung disease. 

Specific areas of investigation at the BIDMC Institute for Lung Health include:

  • How environmental exposures (including air pollution, weather, housing conditions, indoor bacteria, pollen, tobacco, marijuana) affect lung health, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and interstitial lung disease

  • How diet and exercise influence lung health among children and adults

  • The use of innovative portable monitors to measure exposures and activities that are important to lung health

  • Novel applications of chest imaging (CAT scans) to evaluate abnormal lung health (including airway and vascular anatomy) before symptoms develop

  • Experimental nasal sampling techniques to assess inhaled exposures and biologic responses of the upper respiratory tract that someday might be used in clinic to assess and monitor lung health

    A unique aspect of our Institute is our focus on translating research findings to
    policy and prevention.