Current Research Projects in Lung Health

Current Projects

air qualityRisk Factors for Respiratory and Allergic Disease, Project Viva
PI: Rice
Trainees: Coulson, Flaschner
Project Viva ( is a longitudinal study of study of children who have been followed from pre-birth through the teenage years. Through a series of research projects in collaboration with Project Viva investigators, we are examining how early life exposures including pollution, diet and exercise affect risk of asthma and allergic disease in childhood and adolescence.

Risk Factors for Pre-Clinical Lung Disease by CT Imaging, Framingham Heart Study
PI: Rice
Trainees: Synn
The Framingham Heart Study ( is a longitudinal study of adults, most of whom live in the Northeastern U.S. In collaboration with our colleagues at Boston Medical Center and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, we are examining how environmental exposures, including tobacco, affect pulmonary vascular morphology, airway anatomy, emphysema and interstitial lung abnormalities on chest imaging.

Serum Auto-antibodies and Interstitial Lung Disease Phenotypes
PI: Hallowell
Trainees: Sclafani
This clinical research project investigates the relationship of serum auto-antibodies with acute and chronic presentations of interstitial lung disease.

Study of Pollution and COPD Exacerbation (SPACE)

PI: Rice
This study uses novel portable monitors to measure personal air pollution and temperature exposure and daily activity and lung function to assess if air pollution exposure in the Boston area affects lung function, respiratory symptoms, sleep and activity level among BIDMC patients living with COPD.

Sampling the Nasal Epithelial Lining Fluid as a Non-Invasive Indicator of Metal and Microbial Exposures and Immune Response in People with COPD
PI: Rice
This pilot research project involves experimental nasal sampling techniques to assess inhaled exposures and biologic responses of the upper respiratory tract that someday might be used in clinic to assess and monitor lung health.

Indicators of Pulmonary Vasodilator Therapy Response

PI: Kholdani
This clinical research project will evaluate the use of provocative testing in the catheterization laboratory to predict pulmonary vasodilator therapy response in patients with pulmonary hypertension.