Investigating All Aspects of Peripheral Vascular Disorders

The Vascular Medicine Research Program at BIDMC spans all areas of investigation involving peripheral vascular disorders, with disciplines ranging from basic/translational research through clinical health services and outcomes research. Consisting of a diverse group of investigators, the program receives funding from non-profit foundations, the National Institutes of Health, industry partnerships and philanthropy. The program has a particular interest in training new investigators, and members of the program include medical students, residents/fellows and junior faculty. The group collaborates closely with multiple biostatisticians, and the clinical research program arm operates as part of the Smith Center for Outcomes Research in Cardiology. Since its inception, the program has been prolific, including publishing more than 40 manuscripts annually, presenting original science at national and international meetings, involvement in national societies, and participation in updating society guideline recommendations.

Key areas of interest include:

Vascular Research News

Meet Our Faculty

Meet Our Trainees, Collaborators and Administrative Staff

  • Sebastian Beyer, MD, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Clinical Fellow
  • Sanjay Divakaran, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Cardiologist
  • William Earle, MD, BIDMC, Resident
  • Duc Giao, Harvard Medical School, Student
  • Joseph Kim, MD, BIDMC Cardiology, Fellow
  • Shantum Misra, MD, BIDMC Vascular Medicine, Fellow
  • Ramya Mosarla, MD, NYU Grossman School of Medicine Cardiology, Fellow
  • Aishwarya Raja, MD, Columbia University Medical Center, Resident
  • Jowa Shi, Harvard Medical School, Student
  • Nathan Watson, Harvard Medical School, Student
  • Shylie Ati, BIDMC, Research Assistant
  • Keri Hannagan, MPH, BIDMC, Program Manager
  • Siling Li, MSc, Biostatistician
  • Yang Song, MSc, Biostatistical Manager