Cardiovascular Medicine Research

Key Insights into Heart Health and Disease

Research in BIDMC's Division of Cardiovascular Medicine includes a wide range of investigations, from basic mechanistic studies to translational research and clinical trials.

Built on a legacy of innovative discovery, BIDMC's Cardiovascular Research program is revealing key insights into heart health and disease — from the identification of predictive biomarkers to outcomes analyses that are helping to transform health care delivery for the field of cardiovascular medicine. Explore our 2023 Research Spotlight Report.

Jennifer Ho, MDDr. Jennifer Ho, Director of Research in Cardiovascular Medicine

Dr. Jennifer Ho joined BIDMC in 2021 and leads the research program in Cardiovascular Medicine. She is a cardiologist with a clinical focus on Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation and is also the recipient of multiple NIH grants for her research. Her investigative career is centered on cardiometabolic diseases, with a particular interest in heart failure.

Leading Edge Innovations in Cardiac Research


Basic Cardiology Research

Basic cardiovascular research aims to understand the mechanisms leading to aberrant cardiovascular development and disease, with an emphasis on stem cell research.

Cardiology Outcomes Research

Smith Center for Outcomes Research in Cardiology

Researchers and physicians in the Smith Center use clinical trials and data analysis to critically assess cardiovascular care in the U.S.

Personal Genomics

Personal Genomics & Cardiometabolic Disease

Focused on the nexus between cardiac and metabolic diseases, this translational research program is a national leader in uncovering early cardiovascular risk factors.

Cafeteria Food

Preventive Cardiovascular Disease

Our investigations include extensive epidemiological and research on the role of diet and lipids to cardiovascular health.  

Clinical Cardiology Research

Clinical Cardiology Research

Our expansive Clinical Research program extends BIDMC's long history of clinical innovation and our contributions to major advances in cardiovascular medicine. 

MRI Machine

Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging

The Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (CMR) Center is a leader in the development of CMR applications to the cardiovascular system through innovative research.

Cardio-Oncology Research

Cardio-Oncology Research

The Cardio-Oncology Program is working to identify the molecular mechanisms responsible for chemotherapy-induced heart toxicity in cancer survivors.

Tips From Patients

Academic Research Organizations

BIDMC's clinical research leadership includes oversight of established academic research organizations, which provide comprehensive support services for national clinical trials.