Biologic Therapy (Kidney Cancer and Melanoma) Research

The Biologic Therapy Program (Drs. David McDermott, James Mier, Daniel Cho, Rupal Bhatt) is involved in clinical, basic and translational research activities with focuses on the treatment of advanced melanoma and kidney cancer. Our team investigates and uses biologic agents, such as cytokines and vaccines, to treat solid tumors in patients with metastatic melanoma and kidney carcinoma.

The program's efforts have helped develop standard approaches to these cancers. The program offers more than 20 open research protocols, and enrolls 150 plus patients annually in research studies. Specialized areas of research and treatment include: interleukin-2 based therapy; vaccines, cytokines, and other immunotherapies; angiogenesis and signal transduction inhibitors; pro-apoptotic agents to promote programmed cell death.

A steady stream of NIH, foundation, and industry grants support this groundbreaking work, as do two NCI-sponsored SPORE grants in Skin and Kidney cancer, through the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC).

The Biologic Therapy Program is internationally recognized for contributions to the biologic treatment of cancer using cytokines, vaccines, and other novel agents.