Curry Laboratory

Michael Curry, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Michael Curry, MD, is a leading investigator on many clinical trials in hepatitis C virus infection, liver failure, NASH, and complications of cirrhosis and portal hypertension. Dr. Curry was the lead author in a seminal publication on the use of new direct acting antiviral agents (DAAs) in liver transplant candidates to prevent re-infection after liver transplantation. Since then he has published on the use of DAAs to treat advanced end stage liver disease and reverse the complications of HCV liver cirrhosis and liver failure. He and his colleagues have developed a web based calculator that can predict the possibility of improving liver function after treatment with antiviral medications.

Dr. Curry has also performed several studies aiming to study and improve the quality of life of liver transplant patients including the use of antiviral medications to eradicate hepatitis; the use of new immunosuppressive medications to prevent kidney failure in transplant recipients: and most recently, he has a clinical trial to evaluate the possibility of promoting the acceptance of the transplanted liver by the patients' immune system such that patients can reduce or even eliminate the need for immunosuppressive medications.