Anesthesia Resident Research

Trainee Engagement

Anesthesia working on researchParticipation in research during residency provides a wonderful opportunity to contribute to cutting edge projects and embark on a career as a clinician scientist, guiding the future of the specialty.

Residents can serve as a co-investigator while completing other clinical rotations, or they can request up to six months of dedicated time or up to 18 months of a four-year anesthesia residency conducting laboratory or clinical research. In addition, the NIH Anesthesia Center Grant awarded to the Harvard Anesthesia Departments provides two-year fellowships to support residents spending at least 80 percent of their time in research. These fellowships begin after the CA-3 year, and research may be conducted in laboratories of the four Harvard Anesthesia Departments (BWH, Massachusetts General, Beth Israel Deaconess, Children's), other hospital-based laboratories, Harvard Medical School, or MIT.

Loring Scholars with Steve and Danny

Loring Scholar/Clinical Scientist Research Track

The Loring Scholar/Clinical Scientist Research Track was formed as a five–year residency track that recruits up-and-coming clinician scientists and is designed to provide a pipeline of dedicated scholars in the field of anesthesia. During their five-year residency training, the Loring scholars will have 18 months dedicated to their research projects.

Anesthesia Resident Researchers

Elective Time

The Anesthesia Resident Research Program is designed to introduce motivated residents to the principles and practice of clinical, bench and translational research. Residents can receive up to six months of elective time during their third year of clinical anesthesia training (CA-3) during which time they will be guided toward an appropriate mentor and will be assisted with the development of a research proposal. The allocated time and resources will be periodically reviewed to identify barriers to success and facilitate the achievement of the final goal.  

Anesthesia Resident Researcher

Serving as a Co-Investigator

Participation in research is an optional part of residency and fellowship training. Often residents decide to pursue a career in research without electing to receive dedicated time. Interested residents are encouraged whenever possible to participate in research as a physician coinvestigator.  

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