About Our Scientific Approach

The Sadhguru Center uses scientific approaches to integrate medical and contemplative sciences to improve brain health and general well-being. Our team conducts research that employs both clinical and mindfulness-based interventions such as multimodal intraoperative general anesthesia, and opioid-sparing effective pain control in the postoperative period to improve post-operative outcomes, particularly related to cognitive decline and delirium that often occur in aged patients.

The Center's work will provide insight into how consciousness, cognition and compassion are aided by meditative practices. With the aid of enhanced functional MRI (fMRI) tools developed over the last decade, there has been a substantial increase in research conducted on how meditative practices change the brain size and neural network connectivity. There are ongoing clinical studies conducted in the Center that explore how meditative practices affect consciousness and cognition, as well as emotional well-being. Work is also underway to create a database of people who have integrated meditation into their daily routine with the goal of evaluating long-term benefits of regular meditation on emotional well-being. Combined, these approaches will help elucidate how meditative practices influence the potential physiological changes.

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