Creating a More Humane World

The Sadhguru Center for a Conscious Planet teaches best practices to health care workers and the community and teaches the importance of raising individual consciousness for better cognition and compassion. The Center conducts outreach to the medical and scientific community, medical trainees and students, and the general public. This involves engaging medical students in an effort to introduce meditative approaches in communities, teaching patients breathing techniques while they wait for medical procedures, and publishing preventative resources in public forums. We also engage with the medical/scientific community to discuss our research.

The Center's ultimate goal is to use our work to enhance consciousness and cognition in patients, clinicians, and the general public to improve patient care, patient outcomes, and quality of life for all. It is our belief that heightened awareness (being present) improves cognition and increases compassion, therefore creating a more humane world.

We invite you to explore our programs. Contact us for customized workshops for leaders/teams.

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