Creating a More Humane World

The Sadhguru Center for a Conscious Planet teaches best practices to health care workers and the community and teaches the importance of raising individual consciousness for better cognition and compassion. The Center conducts outreach to the medical and scientific community, medical trainees and students, and the general public. This involves engaging medical students in an effort to introduce meditative approaches in communities, teaching patients breathing techniques while they wait for medical procedures, and publishing preventative resources in public forums. We also engage with the medical/scientific community to discuss our research.

The Center's ultimate goal is to use our work to enhance consciousness and cognition in patients, clinicians, and the general public to improve patient care, patient outcomes, and quality of life for all. It is our belief that heightened awareness (being present) improves cognition and increases compassion, therefore creating a more humane world.

We hope you will join us on this journey. We invite you to join the conversation by checking out the resources below.

Compassion Cannot Choose: Healthcare Disparities (Video)
This powerful conversation on compassion and healthcare disparities features inspiring stories from Dr. Nancy Oriol’s work with the Harvard Medical School Family Van and Dr. James O’Connell’s work directing Healthcare for the Homeless. Dr. Oriol is Associate Dean for Community Engagement in Medical Education at Harvard Medical School. Also featured are influential Native American leaders: Harvard Medical School student Victor Anthony Lopez-Carmen and acclaimed radio host Tiokasin Ghosthorse. The ancient understanding of healthcare rooted in compassion for people and planet, resonates deeply with mystic and visionary Sadhguru, who recently visited several Native American reservations. Sadhguru explains how to approach healthcare indiscriminately and offers wisdom from his groundbreaking social justice projects. Together, the panel brainstorms creative approaches to improve healthcare for Native Americans.

Leadership Dilemmas in Healthcare During COVID-19 Crisis (Video)
The COVID-19 Surge: Exploring solutions to challenges faced by health care workers during the COVID-19 Surge, with perspectives from a yogi and a mystic.

Mind & Brain: Dialogue between a Neurologist and a Yogi (Video)
Steven Laureys is one of the world's leading scientist and researcher who studies consciousness from a neurology perspective. In this Full Talk, he asks Sadhguru some penetrating questions as they push the boundaries of known science and peek into the mystical.

Memory, Consciousness, and Coma (Video)
On May 14, 2020 at Sanders Theatre, Harvard Medical School, on "Memory, Consciousness, and Coma," Dr. Bala Subramaniam moderated a discussion seeking Sadhguru's inputs on various aspects of anesthesia, the brain and science. Panel included Emery N. Brown, MD, PhD, Warren M. Zapol Professor of Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School and at Massachusetts General Hospital, Edward Hood Taplin Professor of Medical Engineering and Professor of Computational Neuroscience at MIT; and Nicholas D. Schiff, MD, PhD, The Jerold B. Katz Professor of Neurology and Neurosciences, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York.

Mental Health Pandemic (Video)
A panel discussion with Professor Murali Doraiswamy (Duke Neuroscientist, psychiatrist), Dr. David Vago (Director, Integrative Medicine, Vanderbilt University), Dr. Vijaya Appareddy (Federal government board for mental health) and Sadhguru, Jaggi Vasudev. This discussion brought out common issues that can lead to mental health pandemic and how to avoid them.

Science and Challenges in Implementation of Yoga for Health Care Practitioners, Patients and Public (Video)
Yoga Scholars PGIMER, Chandigarh, India

Healing Collective Trauma
Talk@12: Harvard Medical School: Conversation with Thomas Hubl. Armenise Theater, Harvard Medical School with live webcast.

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