About Our Research Center

Center for Lung Injury Research teamEach year, more than one million patients in the US develop postoperative pulmonary complications. A crucial part of treating these patients involves lung-protective ventilation.

The Center for Lung Injury Research (CLIR) is a multidisciplinary group of anesthesiologists, intensivists, and pulmonologists who are world leaders in the field of applied lung-protective mechanical ventilation in the operating room and intensive care unit. Together, they are working to improve outcomes and gain a better understanding of the treatment.

CLIR investigators use research to develop creative integrative strategies for intraoperative mechanical ventilation that will improve patient care and reduce costs. The collaboration allows us to access optimal methodological methods and knowledge bases to investigate lung-protective ventilation strategies.

The Center conducts projects using esophageal manometry, electrical impedance tomography, and estimation of ventilation intensity to better understand lung protective ventilation and devise strategies to avoid postoperative pulmonary complications. They will use their findings to implement these strategies into routine daily practice by improving ventilation functions.

The Center for Lung Injury Research was launched following a generous donation from Mindray Medical.

Our Research Leaders

Daniel Talmor, MD

Daniel S. Talmor, MD, MPH

Chair, Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine; Anesthesiology; Critical Care Medicine

Elias Baedorf-Kassis, MD

Elias Baedorf-Kassis, MD

Internal Medicine - Pulmonary Disease

Maximilian Schaefer, MD

Maximilian S. Schaefer, MD

Director, Thoracic Anesthesia; Director, Center for Anesthesia Research Excellence (CARE); Anesthesiology