Research Nutrition & Metabolism Services

About Our Nutrition and Metabolism Research Resources

The following resources are available to CRC Investigators:

Protocol Development

  • Assistance in protocol development
  • Research drug/nutrients interactions
  • Review current literature for nutrient involvement on the promotion or progression of a particular disease state
  • Evaluate the best methods to gather study specific nutrition information
  • Research and identify particular foods to meet study specifications
  • Development of novel nutrition methodology
  • Development of nutrient specific screening and assessment materials
  • Evaluation and determination of methodology for assessment of change in metabolic markers for a particular population

Research Meal Preparation

Development, production, and service of:

  • Metabolic balance diets
  • Calculated constant diets
  • Controlled macro and micro nutrient diets
  • Test meals and meal plans
  • OGTT and meal challenge testing
  • Post-fast meals

Metabolic Assessment

Body composition analysis including:

  • Anthropometrics (height, weight, skin fold, and circumferences)
  • Bioelectrical impedance
  • Indirect calorimetry via Metabolic Cart
  • DXA (Bone Density, Body Composition, Visceral Adiposity)

Intake Analysis

  • Food records
  • 24 hour recalls
  • Food frequency questionnaires

Nutrition Counseling and Education

Education topics available:

  • Specific outpatient diets
  • Participation procedures for a weighed research diet study
  • Maintaining constant intake for the duration of a study