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8th Floor - Gryzmish Building
East Campus
330 Brookline Avenue GZ-800
Boston, MA 02215


Administration Main CRC Telephone: 
Patient Unit Telephone: 617-667-3351

Program Direction

The Program Direction team has overall administrative and scientific responsibility for the operation of the Harvard Catalyst Clinical Research Center at BIDMC. They also serve as a resource for investigators seeking to do research in the CRC.

Program Director
Janet Mullington, PhD
Phone: 617-667-0434
Fax: 617-667-5210
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Associate Program Director
Jody Dushay, MD
Phone: 617-735-7820
Fax: 617-667-5953
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Medical Research Officer

The Medical Research Officer (MRO) group facilitates the clinical coverage needs of the research activity occurring within the CRC, either by hospitalists or nurse practitioners. In addition, the MROs are available to assist with identifying collaborators and providing advice about study design, project implementation and other clinical research topics.

Jody Dushay, MD
Phone: 617-735-7820
Fax: 617-667-5953
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Patient Unit

The Practice Coordinator greets all visitors to the CRC, and schedules inpatient and outpatient appointments for all studies supported by the CRC. She assists in the coordination of study related activities and assures smooth functioning for study participants, investigators and staff.

Practice Coordinator
Claire Migliero
Phone: 617-667-3351
Fax: 617-667-1525


The Nurse Director oversees patient activity in the CRC and provides direction to the CRC nursing staff. She provides assistance to investigators in all aspects of studies supported by the CRC. She is also available to consult with nurse researchers and junior investigators on study design, IRB submission and study implementation, as part of the CRC's mission to support nursing research and novice investigators.

Nurse Director
Kristine Hauser, MSN, FNP-C
Phone: 617-667-3354

Metabolism & Nutrition Research

The Bionutrition Director actively participates in the planning, development, conduct and analyses of the nutrition aspects of research protocols. She reviews and assists investigators with all nutrition and dietary aspects of protocols submitted to the CRC. Her staff is trained in the production and service of metabolic balanced diets, calculated, constant, therapeutic, controlled nutrient and test diets. In addition, the CRC bionutrition team has capabilities to measure metabolic rate and body composition in study participants.

Bionutrition Director
Paget O’Leary, MS, RDN, LDN, CNSC
Phone: 617-667-12546


The CRC administrative office is the first point of contact for investigators seeking CRC support for their clinical research protocols. The CRC Administrative office coordinates the application and review process for new projects and facilitates access to the research center by working with investigators and CRC staff to help investigators "think through" proposed studies and grant applications. The CRC administrative assists investigators with budgeting the cost of CRC services and provides letters of support for grant applications. The administrative team is responsible for record-keeping, data tracking, and all other administrative matters.

Administrative Director
Michelle Beck, MBA
Phone: 617-975-8681
Fax: 617-975-7630

Program Manager
Nicole Magner
Phone: 617-975-8769