Clinical Research at BIDMC

Clinical Trials Office (CTO)

The Clinical Trials Office (CTO) provides a central and comprehensive program of financial, legal, and administrative support to the research community at BIDMC, in keeping with the institution's mission of health care, education and the advancement of knowledge.

Committee on Clinical Investigations (IRB)

The Committee on Clinical Investigations (CCI) is the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and reviews all Medical Center research involving human subjects.

Clinical Research Center (CRC)

The Clinical Research Center (CRC) provides scientists the resources necessary to maximize the efficient translation of results from basic and bench research to human clinical trials and patient care, thus improving patient outcomes.

Human Subjects Protection Office (HSPO)

The Human Subjects Protection Office (HSPO) provides protection and information to subjects who volunteer for human subjects research activities, while also providing education and training for clinical researchers at BIDMC. Also monitors current research activities to ensure ethical conduct of human subjects research.

Research Pharmacy

The Research Pharmacy evaluates clinical research protocols involving investigational drugs to ensure ethical and scientific merit. Research Pharmacy also oversees the ordering, receipt, and dispensing of investigational drugs.