Welcome to the Cancer Research Institute at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. I would like to introduce you to the accomplished scientists and programs that comprise our organization.

Our CRI faculty members have a long history of challenging conventional thinking. Over the years, they have advanced radical ideas that today help form the foundation of cancer biology. Their seminal investigations have revealed the roots of angiogenesis, led to the creation of novel vaccines to attack cancer through the immune system, and uncovered the promising therapeutic potential of noncoding RNAs -- the abundant genetic material that is no longer regarded as "junk."

The CRI brings together extraordinary basic, translational and clinical scientists who are conducting some of the most exciting and innovative avenues of investigation in cancer research today.

The CRI structure provides us with both an interdisciplinary approach to cancer research and a framework for creating unique collaborations. CRI scientists are committed to eradicating cancer. Their work will ultimately benefit our patients and cancer patients everywhere.


Pier Paolo Pandolfi, MD, PhD 
Director, Cancer Research Institute and 
Director, Cancer Center 
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center