A Message from the Program Director

Dr. Hal DvorakTumor blood vessels are of great importance because they are essential for solid tumor growth and survival. They serve as a barrier to drug delivery and have great potential as therapeutic targets. The Vascular Biology Program is investigating tumor blood vessels from both of these perspectives.

Some members of the group are comparing the permeability status of tumor versus normal blood vessels in order to better understand the barrier that limits the passage of small molecule and large molecule (antibodies) therapeutics. Others are investigating the roles of genes that are differentially expressed by tumors versus normal blood vessels with the goals of understanding tumor angiogenesis and interruption of tumor blood vessel signaling and so limiting the growth of the blood supply that tumors require for maintenance and growth.

Other work has identified molecules that are expressed differentially on tumor blood vessel endothelial cells that have potential as therapeutic targets. These include TR3/Nur77 (Zeng), 3TSR (Lawler) and TM4SF1 (Jaminet/Dvorak).

Thank you for your interest in the Vascular Biology Program.


Harold F. Dvorak, MD
Director, Vascular Biology Program
Cancer Research Institute at BIDMC