About the Cell Biology for Cancer Research Program

Dr. Senthil MuthuswamyCells are the fundamental building blocks of our lives. When the mechanisms that control essential cell functions — such as division, growth and differentiation — are disrupted, cancer may result. Cancer cell biologists seek to understand the differences between normal cells and those that grow uncontrollably, interact with the tissue microenvironment and metastasize.

Investigators in the field of cancer cell biology use a collection of molecular methods, including high-resolution cellular imaging, to understand how cancer cells integrate changes in genes, proteins and signaling pathways to gain their abnormal behavior. In recent years, deepening insights have resulted in new therapies and biomarkers that make possible longer lives for patients with cancer.

The scientists and physicians of Cancer Research Institute's Cell Biology Program are dedicated to advancing the understanding of cell mechanisms to cure cancer. Members of this program have received multiple prestigious awards including the Pew Scholar award, the Rita Allen Scholar award, the Era of Hope Scholar award, the Pezcoller Foundation AACR international award, the NIH Outstanding Investigator Award and the Leukemia Lymphoma Scholar award.

Our investigators are currently active in the following areas:

  • Cell biology of epithelial, T cell and mesenchymal stem cells
  • Cell polarity
  • DNA repair
  • Cell migration and invasion
  • Cell proliferation