Office for Academic Careers (OAC) Faculty

Meet the OAC Faculty

The Academic Careers and Faculty Development Office (ACFD) has been reconfigured and renamed the Office for Academic Careers (OAC) in order to highlight and emphasize the BIDMC resources currently available and being developed in support of the career advancement of our faculty members.

The newly named leaders of the OAC, David Hackney, MD, Faculty Career Development Director, Anthony Lembo, MD, Director, Clinical Research and Education Careers, and Leo Otterbein, PhD, Director, Translational/Basic Research Careers, will work collaboratively to provide guidance, mentorship, and practical support to colleagues seeking advice regarding their career progression.

Learn more about our leadership team below.

Drs. Hackney, Lembo and Otterbein join Tony Karnoub, PhD, Director, Post-Doctoral Scholars Program; Steve Freedman, MD, Director, Epstein Society; and Daniele Ölveczky, MD, Faculty Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, in rounding out resources available through the BIDMC Office for Academic Careers. With the addition of these leaders for support of career advancement and the continuing offerings of the Shapiro Center for professional development, BIDMC faculty will be well positioned to successfully meet their career aspirations.

For any questions or to meet with any of the OAC leaders, please contact the leaders directly or Kelly Anastasio, program coordinator for the Office for Academic Careers.