About the BIDMC Postdoctoral Association

The BIDMC Postdoctoral Association was founded in February 2019 under the supervision of the Office for Academic Careers and Faculty Development.


The mission of the BIDMC PDA is to support and advocate for postdocs at BIDMC in all aspects of postdoctoral affairs. The BIDMC PDA shall address the needs and concerns of BIDMC postdocs by serving as a liaison between postdocs and BIDMC while promoting career development opportunities and networking events.


The PDA is composed of 4 committees:

  • Communications Committee
  • Advocacy Committee
  • Networking Committee
  • Career Development Committee

Each committee is led by a chair/co-chairs. These committees are in turn overseen by directors/co-directors and assisted by a treasurer.

Committee Members


Deepti Ramachandran (Interim Director)


Deepti Ramachandran

Communication Committee Co-chairs

Akul Mehta
Akashleena Mallick

Advocacy Committee Chair

Marie Mortreux

Networking Committee Chair

Sarah Morgan

Career Development Committee Chair

Julie Konge

Members At Large

Nufar Edinger
Mannan Nouri
Carla Calagua
Mahnoor Baqai
Daniela Silva
Anuradha Rajendran
Abhigyan Satyam
Daniel Ram

Past Members

Olivier Lucar (Director)
Anant Shinde (Director)
Jessica Hall (Founding Member)
Franciele Kipper (Networking Chair)


We encourage any current/prospective postdocs to contact us regarding any concerns and suggestions.