In order to sign up to use machines, you have to be formally training by the facility. You cannot train others in your lab to use the instrumentation.

Once you are trained and allowed access to the calendar, you can book time online.

  • The FACScan, LSR II's, and the FC500 are available 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.
  • All users are required to sign in on the on-line calendars before using the instrumentation.
  • To access these machines post training access card programming and authorization forms are available from the flow facility.


You need a Proxy card to gain access to the Flow Core Facility. After authorization by the Flow Core is administered, you can get a Proxy card through the Public Safety Office.

For questions or concerns, please contact John Tigges at 617-735-4191 or email Vasilis Toxavidis at vtoxavid@bidmc.harvard.edu.


For all the other services, appointments are available Monday-Friday from 9-5pm and must be made in advance with the flow facility. Because of the increased demand for sorting and training, please provide request 1-2 weeks in advanced.

Evening appointments are available upon request.

To schedule an appointment for sorting, facility-assisted flow cytometry, training or any other appointment, please call the facility at: Phone: 617-735-4193/4192/4191 Or e-mail: Jtigges, vtoxavid, or hmariani, @bidmc.harvard.edu

Cell sorter experimental information BIDMC


  • Cells should be brought in appropriate tubes: MoFlo-(falcon 2063's), Aria- (falcon 2052's).
  • Cells should be filtered and suspended with concentrations of 30-40x 10^6/mL and carried in a rack, or ice bucket.
  • Controls are required for your sort and should include a negative, or unstained control, and single-stained positive control for each fluorochrome you are using. -Sterile collection tubes with media added/extra media (sorting is aseptic, we are not located in a sterile room, therefore no guarantees of sterility).
  • If you are sorting into 96 (or other) well plates make sure they are preloaded with media, and bring extra plates for sorter calibration.


Booked time is YOUR time, running over appointments-other booked users have priority. (BRING: your own pipets/pipet tips, tubes (falcon 2052's), gloves, and device for storing your data do not leave belongings behind, they will get taken or thrown away).

Data Storage

PC formatted zip disk/flash drive/ex. Hard/CD .