Flow Cytometry Core

About Our Core Facility

State-of-the-Art Instrumentation

Flow Cytometry EquipmentCommitted to meet all of the flow cytometry needs for the BIDMC and the external research community, the Flow Cytometry Core facility offers state of the art instrumentation for routine flow cytometry and cell sorting.

It is continuously expanding with the newest software and machinery for both sorting and analysis, with the capability of up to 48 fluorescent parameters.

Our Services

The Flow Cytometry Core facility is available to:

  • answer technical questions
  • assist you in setting up flow cytometry experiments
  • assist you with acquiring, analyzing and interpreting your data
  • assist in data presentation
  • provide training on the benchtop analyzers and analysis software
  • Cell sorting
  • Analysis of extracellular vesicles

Contact Information


  • Rates are based on a per hour, per instrument basis. Training fees are calculated per individual on a per hour, per instrument basis.
  • As rates are subject to change, please contact the facility for up to date pricing for analysis, cell sorting, and facility assisted service.
  • Cancellations must be made prior to 12:00 pm the day before, and notification must be made to the facility. Failure to notify the facility will result in your account being charged for the time reserved.

Flow Cytometry Core Pricing (2020)

Fee Schedule

  • Cell sorting has a minimum charge of an hour and analyzers have a minimum charge of ½ hour. You are billed for all reserved time, also time is rounded off in increments of 15 minutes after the minimum time is charged.
  • If facility ends up running the experiment, you will be charged the facility assisted rate.
  • Excess time taken by staff to figure out discrepancies will also be charged.
  • Users are responsible for basic maintenance, including filling the analyzer sheath, emptying the analyzer waste, running a daily clean, and shutting the instrument off. If you leave the instrument or computer on and logged in you will be charged.
  • Bills are calculated each day used per month, and are sent to the individual investigator's financial administrator.
  • It is up to the individual to supply grant numbers and/or department IDs.
  • Note: Creating a reservation does not guarantee that the instrument is available. Reservations may need to be cancelled if the instrumentation is inoperable. If you cannot sort or analyze your experiment due to delayed time, another instrument will be made available or we will delete the reservation at no charge.