Dr. Thomas T. Simopoulos, MD, MA, is Director of the Arnold Warfield Pain Management Center, Co-director of the Spine Center and an anesthesiologist in the Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine at BIDMC. He is also an Assistant Professor of Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School. After completing his pain fellowship at BIDMC, he joined the department in 2000.

During his career at BIDMC, Dr. Simopoulos has pursed research in the areas of interventional pain management. In specific, his focus has been on the outcomes of patients receiving percutaneous disc decompression and radiofrequency lesioning. In addition, most of his current work is on improving the outcomes of patients undergoing spinal cord stimulation for pain by studying complications and developing strategies for potential mitigation.

As division director, he is specifically focused on building a research infrastructure to encourage junior attendings, residents and fellows to pursue research.  This effort includes the establishment of a specific research office space, recruitment of a research coordinator and a clinical director.

Selected Publications

  1. Simopoulos TT. Sharma S, Aner M. Gill JS. The incidence and management of post-dural puncture headache in patients undergoing percutaneous lead placement for spinal cord stimulation.    2016;19:738-743.
  2. Simopoulos TT, Sharma S, Aner M, Gill JS. A temporary versus permanent anchored percutaneous lead trial of spinal cord stimulation: a comparison of patient outcomes and adverse events.    2018;21: 508-512.
  3. Simopoulos TT, Sharma S, Aner M, Gill JS. The Long –term Durability of Multi-Lumen Concentric Percutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulator Leads.  Pain Practice 2018 18(7):845-49.
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