About Dr. Joji Fujisaki

Joji Fujisaki, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School, is a research scientist who focuses on the novel interfaces of stem cell biology with immunology. Despite growing demand for stem cell transplantation and tumor immunotherapy, regulatory mechanisms of the immune response against normal and malignant stem cells remain largely unexplored. Dr. Fujisaki's group has recently established a novel understanding that the stem cell microenvironment, termed the "niche," acts as an immunological sanctuary for normal, malignant and transplanted stem cells from immune attack and stress. The area has great significance in physiological and pathological tissue regeneration, as noted in inflammatory diseases, cancer and transplantation. Dr. Fujisaki's work is published extensively in high-impact peer reviewed journals that focus on his areas of research. Dr. Fujisaki has been awarded three NIH Research Project (R01) Grants, one DOD award and the American Society of Hematology Junior Faculty Basic Science Award. His addition to our center has broadened our scope and will allow us to have an even greater impact in investigating mechanisms of inflammatory and immunologic responses in order to treat this very prevalent category of disease.

Dr. Fujisaki received his medical degree and PhD from the University of Tokyo. He subsequently completed residency in internal medicine at the University of Tokyo Hospital, where he trained in oncology. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital in the laboratory of Dr. Charles Lin.