About Dr. John Kowalczyk

Dr. John Kowalczyk is an Instructor in Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School and currently serves as an attending physician in the Department of Anesthesia, focusing in the Obstetric Anesthesia Division. Dr. Kowalczyk joined the department in 2017 after completing his anesthesia residency at University Hospital Case Medical Center in Cleveland, OH and fellowship in Obstetric Anesthesia at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA.

During residency and fellowship his research focused on non-opioid analgesia for non-opioid analgesia for pain, ketorolac (IV NSAID) for cesarean sections, and other projects related to obstetric anesthesia. Upon completion of fellowship, Dr. Kowalczyk was successful in obtaining Young Investigator Grant from the Society of Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology. Two of his most recent projects have looked to evaluate the effects of ketorolac on post cesarean blood loss. The grant will allow for research that looks at how ketorolac effects markers of bleeding during cesarean section.

Central to the mission of the department, Dr. Kowalczyk strives to advance the Obstetric Anesthesia by mentoring other young physicians as they pursue clinical research during residency and obstetric anesthesia fellowship. As part of this, Dr. Kowalczyk is often found on Labor and Delivery working closely with anesthesiology residents and fellows, obstetricians and patients.