Providing expertise in design and implementation of pre-clinical trials in mouse models

This facility will work as a resource specializing in preclinical testing in GEMs (genetically engineered mouse models) for investigators with preliminary evidence that an agent or a combination of drugs may target specific components of a cell pathway involved in human disease.

Guided by the investigators preliminary results, the preclinical data will allow identification of key cellular components that should be targeted for the most effective treatment. This in turn enables efficient stratification of patients that are most likely to respond to novel agents or combination of therapies on the basis of their own specific genetic makeup.

Our approach will streamline the progression from bench to bedside for promising agents, or new combinations of/indications for approved drugs. Accordingly, it will favor collaborations with pharma companies to support the identification of patient subgroups that will be responsive to specific treatments thereby allowing them to get rapid FDA approval for drugs.

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