In Vivo Protocol Design and Implementation

Agents alone or in combination will be evaluated in vivo in human tumor xenografts in mice, as well as in GEMs obtained by outsourcing or in-house acquisition when requested. We will evaluate each drug or combination of drugs by different routes or different schedules of administration following preliminary toxicology to determine tolerance of mice to the agent(s).

The in vivo services provided include:

  • Advisory consultation with the director of the facility to plan the study to be conducted

  • Outsourcing of GEM models and/or other in vivo model systems from commercial or institutional vendors when requested.

  • Generation of experimental cohorts of mice (breeding, tagging, tailing, DNA extraction and PCR genotyping).

  • Establishment of human tumor xenografts in immunodeficient mice as appropriate. 
  • Drug administration by oral gavage and IP, SC or IV injection. 

  • Surgical procedures (i.e. mouse castration) 

  • Interface with the appropriate in vivo imaging facility (either MRI or Small Imaging Animal Facility

  • Tissues collection: tissue harvest/dissection, tissue pre-processing.

  • Provide reports of data and/or any relevant information relating to what occurred on each study.

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