Farr Discharge Lounge

About the Farr Discharge Lounge


The Farr Discharge Lounge, located in the Farr Lobby near the Farr Café and Gift Shop, with easy access to Pilgrim Road, is a comfortable space for patients who are medically discharged and require minimal assistance to wait for a ride home.

The lounge is staffed Monday through Friday from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm by a dedicated staff member who can answer questions.

The lounge offers:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Nearby bathrooms
  • Snack basket
  • Water station
  • iPads and reading materials

Speak with your care provider to find out if you are eligible to be discharged from the lounge or to learn more.

Download BIDMC’s Farr Discharge Lounge flyer here.

Picking Up a Loved One?

The lounge is located in the Farr Lobby at 185 Pilgrim Road. The address for GPS is 185 Pilgrim Road, Boston MA, 02215.

When picking up a patient from the Farr Discharge Lounge, please follow the directions in the Farr Discharge Lounge FAQs

Live pick up is at 185 Pilgrim Road. Please pull up slowly to the security gate, which will automatically raise the gates for you to enter. Pull up to the curb and park along the fenced area on the right hand side where signage indicates “Discharge Lounge Live Parking Only.” Please do not get out of your vehicle. Call the person you are picking up to let them know you’ve arrived (or call a staff member at 617-632-8702). Someone will help the patient get out to your vehicle.

Please remember that this is a very active roadway for emergency vehicles and ambulances. Please yield to emergency vehicles while on this road.

When leaving, please continue to the end of Pilgrim Road and turn onto Francis Street or the Riverway. U-turns are not permitted on Pilgrim Road.