Emergency Medicine Simulations

Emergency Medicine

ED Clerkship

Under the guidance of an attending physician, medical students are trained in core curriculum using full body simulation. This curriculum provides training in medical scenarios commonly seen in the emergency room. These scenarios are designed to not only challenge the students’ knowledge, but their ability to work as a team under highly stressful circumstances. Each scenario is followed by a formal debrief session, allowing the instructor to give valuable feedback to the team as well as each individual student.

Each student also gets one-on-one training in procedures commonly performed in the emergency room setting. Lifelike partial task trainers allow them to perform procedures including tracheal intubation as well as insertion of central venous lines, chest tubes, and spinal catheters.

ED Residents Training

Each resident attends mandatory sessions held in the simulation and skills center. These sessions include procedure-based training of skills that are necessary in the emergency room. These hands on sessions are mentored by experienced emergency room staff, assuring top notch training in procedures such as central venous line insertion, tracheal intubation, chest tube insertion and emergency cricothyroidotomy.