The BIDMC dietetic internship is a rigorous program that requires the intern participate in both supervised practice and classroom settings. Dietetic interns are scheduled to be in attendance for five 8.5-hour days each week. Class time (i.e., Monday class days) is included in this scheduled time. In addition to the 40-hour work week, interns can expect anywhere from 5-15 hours of additional work each week to complete readings, assignments, and projects required throughout the internship.

Though weekend shifts are rare, they do occur occasionally, and the intern is provided equivalent time off during the week. Hours of duty vary with each rotation, beginning as early as 6:00 am, and concluding as late as 8:30 pm. If an intern is scheduled to work on a holiday, another day may be taken off in return. Interns receive two weeks of vacation time during the internship -- typically around the Christmas holiday and a week in April.