A Medical Mecca and More 

In addition to being the medical capital of the country, Boston is one of the most livable, spectacular, and enjoyable cities in America. It is a city that offers something for everyone. For those who enjoy cultural pursuits, there is the wonderful Museum of Fine Arts, The Institute of Contemporary Art, Symphony Hall, and a multitude of small and large music venues. If you enjoy urban exploration, there are a variety of unique and eclectic neighborhoods to meander around, including the North End with its Italian delights, the South End with its upscale art galleries and incredible food scene, and Faneuil Hall with its historical and shopping landmarks. You can walk the “Freedom Trail” and experience Boston in the times of the Revolutionary War. Boston is split by the Charles River, one of the best running and walking venues in a major American city, which also has several rowing and sailing clubs with open membership.Boston boasts one of the best public transit systems in the country, which locals refer to as the "T." The train system makes it possible to enjoy city life without a car. The commuter rail also makes it possible to venture out of the city as far as the North Shore, South Shore, and Central suburbs. Residents at BIDMC live within the city, as well as the surrounding cities and towns, including Brookline, Brighton, and Cambridge.

Boston is also remarkably close to many other wonderful places in New England. Two hours north

The Charles River In Winter

 of Boston are the White Mountains in New Hampshire with hiking, skiing, canoeing, and a variety of other outdoor activities. Forty minutes north or south of Boston are more beaches than you'll have time to explore! In addition, the rural landscape of central Massachusetts is the perfect setting for admiring fall foliage and enjoying annual New England activities like apple picking and hay rides.