Sub-Intern Resident Service (SIRS) & Resident-Attending Service (RAS)

The Sub-Intern Resident Service (SIRS) is a dedicated resident-sub-intern rotation on a general medical floor. This is a highly rewarding rotation for both residents and students. Residents have the opportunity to build upon their teaching skills while working closely with the supervising attending and the sub-interns.

The rotation consists of three teams of one resident and one to two medical students, geographically based on one of our floors. Each team admits to their geographic pod during the day until 4 pm, at which time Twilight starts admitting for the general medicine ward services. . The sub-interns truly feel like interns as they perform initial assessments, write all orders, respond to all pages, and prepare all discharge paperwork. The residents supervise closely while teaching the students basic concepts important to inpatient care. The rotation includes dedicated teaching conferences through the weeks, regular attending rounds, and geographic distribution of the patients. Sub-interns spend 2-3 weeks working with the day team and 1-2 weeks on Twilight.

The Resident-Attending Service (RAS) is a dedicated one resident to one attending service, caring for general medical patients located off the geographic floors for the FIRM and SIRS teams. This rotation is a unique experience, affording the resident an opportunity to function autonomously and work directly with a supervising attending.