Graduate Medical Education Commitment and Values

Statement of Commitment

Chief Medical Officer Tony Weiss, MD, discusses patient care with a BIDMC resident. BIDMC recognizes that medical education is a continuum marked at various stages by the degree of Doctor of Medicine, completion of an accredited graduate medical education (GME) program, and subsequently, a continuing life-long interest in professional self-improvement and education.

With respect to GME specifically, BIDMC is committed to providing the appropriate resources to assure the highest quality of training.

Educational Resources

BIDMC provides a teaching environment where resident physicians interact with a diverse group of other learners and teachers. This group includes, and is not limited to, medical students, nursing students, graduate students and Harvard Medical School faculty.

Innovative educational tools and the most up-to-date medical technologies are available for BIDMC trainees as they care for our diverse patient population and conduct research, in both the clinical and basic sciences.

Financial Resources

All residents are compensated and receive fringe benefits including health insurance, disability insurance and professional liability insurance. They are also eligible to enroll, at their discretion, in other group benefits programs offered by the medical center. Learn more about benefits and other resources available at BIDMC.

Every department receives financial resources from the medical center to support educational endeavors.

Human Resources

BIDMC offers a vibrant environment with some of the world’s most accomplished physicians and researchers. The GME team is committed to supporting staff and implementing policies.

Core Values

BIDMC is committed to helping all its employees, staff, physicians and contractors act in a way that fosters and preserves the trust and respect of those whom we serve and with whom we deal. In keeping with this, BIDMC has an obligation to its patients, community, employees and payers to achieve its mission and provide service of the highest quality.

The core values listed below embody our mission and philosophy. These values only have meaning through action and behavior. Listed below are examples of how you can incorporate these values into your daily work life.