The Wellness Center at Bowdoin Street

Find the Strongest Version of Yourself

The Wellness Center at Bowdoin Street Health Center was built to offer free or low-cost programs to improve your health. We offer two well-equipped exercise rooms and a state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen. We welcome community residents and Bowdoin Street patients alike.

By combining health education, physical activity and support, the Wellness Center follows an approach that’s proven to help people get healthier and stay healthier. Over time, this approach can even lower the risk for obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure—chronic diseases that can be costly to treat. Our programs are offered on-site, in a safe and trusted setting. 

The Wellness Center and the staff at Bowdoin have changed my life. This place feels like my home, and everyone in it feels like my family.

Health and Wellness Fair

We're bringing your wellness even closer in August. Join us at our Health and Wellness Fair, Saturday, August 17, 2019, 11am - 2pm, at Bowdoin Street Health Center. Screenings, exercise demos, food and fun, right here in your neighborhood.

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Our Wellness Programs

Download and print out the July 2019 program schedule.

For additional information about any of these programs listed below (unless otherwise noted), contact:

Jen French, Wellness Center Program Administrator

Membership Rates

Bowdoin Street Health Center patients
Individual: $10 per year
Family: $20 per year for up to 4 people

Individual: $15 per year
Family: $25 per year for up to 4 people